Holiday Planning Made Easy with Jawakara, a Year-round Destination

Whilst a few lucky souls can choose exactly when to take their holiday, many have to plan within the constraints of work, school term dates and other family committments which can leave plans of visiting your dream destination in tatters…unless that destination is Jawakara Islands Maldives!

Many tropical destinations have clear cut times when a holiday would be a bad idea, and although the travel industry splits the year into high and low season, the Maldives is a year-round destination. The atolls are strung across the Equator and, as such, the islands enjoy lots of sunshine, consistently high temperatures of around 30°C, enough rain to maintain the beautiful lush, green vegetation, and balmy water temperatures of about 28°C.

The North-east Monsoon runs from November through to April and brings great weather and very good underwater visibility for much of the time but do expect the odd tropical downpour even at this time of year. The South-west Monsoon, which normally extends from May through to October, brings more overcast days but still plenty of sunshine for a great tan! Higher plankton levels at this time bring huge quantities of fish life which is great news for divers and snorkellers. The incredible marine life is around all year with reefs bursting with life so if you get a rainy day during your holiday go and pay the reefs a visit (there’s no such thing as a rainy day underwater!), or take the opportunity to visit the spa, safe in the knowledge you’re not missing any ‘sun time’. Download the Jawakara app to get a glimpse of all the other incredible things you can do, whatever time of year you visit.

With long sunny days throughout the year it won’t matter if you choose Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter – with the Maldives as the destination, your work commitments and kids’ school holidays are no longer an issue – get planning and enjoy – any time is a good time at Jawakara! If too much choice makes the decision of ‘when’ impossible, check the latest special offers to see if you get more inspiration there.