Solar Power Installation – A Legacy of Green

The environment is very important to us here at Jawakara Islands Maldives and a green initiative we are very proud of is our extensive solar power installation. The total number of panels installed is 5533 which is the equivalent of planting 188,241 every year!

There are 30,000 metres of cable which, if stretched out, would reach from Jawakara to our sister resort of Kuredu. The energy produced in just one day could charge 200,000 smartphones however, at Jawakara there are far more interesting things to do than use your phone so we encourage you to make the most of everything the Maldives has to offer and enjoy a digital detox.

If the system lasts for 25 years, it would equate to planting a forest nearly a third the size of the Maldives, leaving a green legacy for future generations. The average number of trees per hectare in the amazon is 565, this installation will equate to planting 333 hectares annually and during a 25 year life span of the system this would equate to 8,325 hectares. That is almost 30% of the total land area in the Maldives!

If the average global household uses approximately 3,500 kWh per year, this project’s annual energy production can power 1,214 households around the world. The total area covered by the solar panels is just under 10,000 square meters, the equivalent of 24 professional basketball courts, 8 Olympic swimming pools or 868 parking spaces!