Snorkelling the Jawakara House Reef

The world below the surface of the sparkling Indian Ocean is one of the Maldives’ top highlights and Jawakara has many great snorkelling sites for guests to explore – all abundant with life. The reef around Jawakara is the largest in the country and is simply is awesome, it’s about 5 minutes away by boat and we have complimentary boat trips there for our guests. Snorkellers taking advantage of this free activity have the chance to see dolphins which sometimes make appearances close to the boat; they also have an experienced guide in the water, pointing out all the interesting creatures and making sure everyone is safe.

Jawakara’s reef impresses with an abundance of fish life and varied topography including some gently sloping sandy areas, where stingrays can be found, and steeper walls with small overhangs and beautiful lettuce coral. The coral structures, including brain coral and table coral, provide a home and nursery ground for large schools of fusiliers, glass fish, parrotfish and damselfish. Out in the blue water, eagle rays can be seen passing by and green sea turtles can sometimes be found resting on the reef or swimming up for their next breath – you really do need to have your eyes in all directions so as not to miss a thing…or join the trip as often as possible!

Please book your complimentary trips to Jawakara’s house reef directly with Prodivers Dive Center, or by using the Jawakara App. Please note that snorkel equipment is not included but can be rented at the dive centre if you don’t have your own. Participants need to be confident swimmers and comfortable in deep water – fins must be worn at all times. The minimum age for this activity is 6 years and under 18s must be accompanied by a parent.

Use the Jawakara App to browse and book the whole array of snorkel excursions available – the chargeable trips include the resort’s Manta and Turtle Explorer an exciting adventure you will remember long after your tan has faded.