Capture Your Magical Stay at Jawakara with a Photoshoot

When you holiday at a destination as beautiful as Jawakara Islands Maldives, you’ll want everyone to know about it and what better way to tell your story than by photos. A picture tells a thousand words and, nowhere is this more true than on our picturesque islands, as you’ll see from the first glimpse of paradise as your seaplane descends.

We know that getting the perfect collection of holiday photos is important, and when you’re relying on someone passing by (not guaranteed on our near-deserted beaches!) taking the all-important photo of you, the chances of it capturing the moment the way you hoped are slim. The talented team at Pix Maldives take the stress away from those awkward moments and orchestrate a photoshoot where the light is just right, the location and angles couldn’t be better, and you can relax, have fun and enjoy every moment of being the star of the show!

There is a wide array of options, not only still, drone shots and videos, but also within those you can choose how many images you’d like, how long the shoot will last and how you wish to have the finished collection presented. As a special service to our guests, we also offer a complimentary 15 minute photoshoot session including one image so no one has to leave Jawakara without a stunning image fro take home.

Get ready for the Instagram loves and Facebook likes to go wild once you post your images…although there’s every chance some may go quiet whilst the suffer a serious case of destination envy!

Photoshoots can be booked prior to arrival via the Jawakara App or in person once at our resort.