Introducing Sulha Spa at Jawakara

Rest, Rejuvenate and Realign at Jawakara Islands Maldives’ Sulha Spa, a sanctuary of well-being in which to experience a unique holistic and wellness therapy encompassing the best treatments from around the world.

Choose from two luxurious settings, Garden Spa nestled between the lush, vegetation and the crystal clear ocean where you can breathe in the fresh scents of tropical flowers and herbal plants, or Water Spa with breathtaking panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and the calming sound of the waves all around you. No matter which location you choose, and we recommend trying both, you will be in the professional hands of our experienced and talented therapists.

our stay at Jawakara provides a much-needed rest away from the stresses of daily life and at Sulha Spa botanical treatments and rituals have been blended into immersive mini-retreats which will optimize your health and well-being to recharge your batteries. Just a few hours at Sulha Spa is comparable to a month of rejuvenation elsewhere and our team will use specially designed treatments to channel all your positive energy into a long-term wellness solution to deploy once back in reality at home. Our fusion of ancient and modern therapies and easy-to-follow health tips will help realign body and mind to ensure you continue to feel great after you have left our little oasis, right up until the moment of your next Jawakara holiday – your Maldivian home away from home.

Here at Jawakara Islands Maldives, we believe all of our guests should be able to benefit from the well-being opportunities that our spa treatments offer and therefore offer a selection of spa experiences for our younger guests. It’s never too young to start on the wellness journey and embed a priority of well-being in one’s life.