Jawakara says ‘Yes!’ to Reducing Plastics – Earth Day 2024

Earth Day is the world’s largest environmental movement, aimed at raising awareness of the need to invest in our planet and of how the actions we as a global community can take to make a difference, this year’s theme is ‘Planet vs. Plastic‘. The event is marked by millions of people across the globe each year on 22nd April and the team at Jawakara Islands Maldives would love it if you could join them from wherever you are in the world in taking some small steps for a positive change for planet Earth.

At Jawakara we appreciate the astounding beauty of not only the Maldives but our entire planet and we take our responsibility to preserve it for generations to come seriously. As a newly opened resort we have been able to make environmentally conscious choices from the very beginning and can proudly say we have said ‘no’ to single-use plastic straws from the outset. Similarly, our innovative desalination plant, means we do not need to import drinking water in plastic bottles; we fill our own reusable glass bottles for our guests. Our team members are each issued with a refillable aluminium bottle for their drinking water too.

Sustainability lies at the core of our values and we are excited to have our solar power installation ready for operation from Earth Day – it is projected to save 3954 tonnes of CO2 per year which is the equivalent of planting 188,241 trees every year! Our ocean-friendly bathroom amenities and sustainable diving and snorkelling practices help to protect the life below the surface of the ocean whilst collection of any plastics washed up by ocean currents helps keep the beaches pristine and wildlife safe from harm.

We believe that Earth Day principles should be part of every day life for every global citizen and if you’ll be celebrating Earth Day with your family here at Jawakara, join us at the Jawa Kids Club for fun activities including crafts, games, coconut tree climbing demonstration, tree-planting and a nature picnic!

Our team will also be planting around 20 trees across the islands to commemorate Earth Day.