Activities for All at Jawakara

A holiday at Jawakara Islands Maldives is designed to be whatever you want it to be – a destination full of adventure to sate your wanderlust, a relaxing sanctuary of well-being and pure tranquility, or a combination of the two! We understand that there are countless versions of a perfect holiday and at Jawakara your stay will be as unique as you are. Whether you’re a water baby who wants to experience everything the ocean has to offer, a fitness fanatic who can’t bear to leave their exercise program behind, or a spa lover who can’t wait to be pampered from head to toe, we are confident you’ll find your ideal stay at Jawakara.

With 99% of the Maldives comprising of the ocean, water babies will be in their element! A world-class scuba diving destination awaits, divers and snorkellers alike can explore a vast array of reefs abundant with life. expect to see turtles, rays, sharks, countless species of colorful fish, and tiny critters during your underwater adventures. Those who prefer to stay above the surface while enjoying the ocean have a vast playground of lagoons where kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, windsurfing and more can be enjoyed. Thrill seekers can take the jet skis for a spin and, if they get lucky, may even spot dolphins and there’s lots of scope for family fun with water skiing, wakeboarding, fun-tubes, and more.

Staying active and keeping fit during your stay at Jawakara is not just easy, it’s fun too! The two freshwater swimming pools have amazing views over the ocean and are perfect for a few lengths to start your day, the air-conditioned fitness center will mean your usual workout regime can continue and desserts can be guilt-free. Tennis, padel tennis, badminton and football can be played with the whole family and there’s even a golf course – not something you would usually expect to find in the Maldives – how will you celebrate a hole-in-one – sunset cocktails would be a great place to start!

If all that talk of fitness and activities makes you feel exhausted, don’t worry, we have just the thing – Sulha Spa at two different enchanting locations, offering serene surroundings and heavenly treatments. Jawakara’s world-class therapists use their healing energy to harness Asian massage techniques alongside chemical-free, pure organic products to create a natural, holistic and personalized approach to caring for your health, beauty, and wellbeing.

At Jawakara, we believe in balance, in trying new things, and in feeding the soul with happiness, so step a little way out of your comfort zone and embrace everything we have to offer. Start with a snorkeling introduction in the shallows, a try dive in the water you can stand in, or kneeling on the paddle boards until you gain confidence to stand – the sense of achievement will be immense. Our team can help you get the most out of the activities and once you experience the magic of the ocean, you’ll never look back!

Whatever style of Maldives escape you desire, Jawakara will surpass your expectations and deliver a vacation full of memories to last a lifetime.